Sold Soarer face lift 1jz vvti turbo


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No smoke for sure but it's lost a few cyclinders and doesn't sound like a V8 :wink:......6 pot motor only second best to a V8 :stuck_out_tongue:
Sitting behind the wheel of my VVTi and it is just as smooth as the V8 in the old Soarer I had or my LS400. And that straight six roar on the motorway! Gotta have both in the stable, while we can before all we get is a faint whine of an electric motor.:frowning2:


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Well last few hrs on eBay and no takers

Lots of messers asking stupid questions and loads saying if they had the money they would buy it
And loads of px offers

August is a rubbish month for selling cars,almost looking forward to the winter :drooling_face:


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That will never work bro ....... You got 3 soon to be obsolete cylinders with 3 modern ones ........ It must be a ford ....... Got to try and get rid of the old parts by mixing them in with the new
Or maybe 3 common cylinders and 3 soon to become collectible :slight_smile: