Sold Soarer face lift 1jz vvti turbo


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Twit. Any fewl no that a 20 year old car will need work to get it "perfect" (whatever that means to the owner). His loss.


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What did he pick holes in Rich ....anything valid ?
No not really,and to be honest there is nothing wrong with the car
And he wasn't even interested in going out for a drive,not that I would of wasted my time doing anyway

But just had a offer from the eBay add :drooling_face:


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I think there is a guy on here who would like a well sorted one ........ What his name now?

Oh yeah , it's Craig :laughing:


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"Rumour rumour everywhere , but of them all I could not care"

Yeah they did have wings on them :laughing:


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Never doubted it bro, you said it don't so that was good enough for me and as you say proof is there for everyone to see