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This link is somewhat confusing but I think it implies that if you disconnect the battery then the light goes out?

cheers. appreciate the pointer for me to check out. tpms=pita


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Hi when I had my passenger airbag change over at Lexus, I was told my TPMS was unplugged.... did I want it put back I said no. My model is a 2007 model and no probs so far😀


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That trim looks awesome.... Can someone post up what it looks like as standard?


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That trim looks awesome.... Can someone post up what it looks like as standard?

This one Sly? It does look good eh 👍 I'm sure there will be some before pics coming for you....

As promised to the members that said welcome attached are some pics of the renovated SC430. Basically full respray, ppf, renovation of all interior leather and replacing the common to all SC's vinyl on the door caps, steering cowl, dashcover, steering wheel etc with black nappa to match the seats and deep pile sheepskin floor mats. For anyone wanting to spread a little happiness to others these mats get a big thumbs up from my wife on long journeys. Shoes off and enjoy the ride. A few niggles still to sort out, spent far too much, but hey there's not many better ways to travel and you can't take it with you so might as well enjoy it while we can. Very glad this got the worst car in the world tag from noise and flash idiots, means I can have the kind of driving comfort only footballers and bankers can afford now. Ha ha!

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Yeah just pull both plugs on the later model and no more props
Cheers Rich for confirmation pulling the plugs works on the 2007 model. tpms being turned off so no more annoying warning light to spoil looking at the display- result. Thanks Rob
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That trim looks awesome.... Can someone post up what it looks like as standard?
Thanks- appreciate the like.
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The TPMS light was on when I purchased my car and as much as I agree that we should know if a tyre was down it just doesn't feel right to me to disconnect it.

I had a sensor and valve replaced by Kwik Fit but the were unable to reset the light.

As my care was due in at Lexus Leeds the following week I asked them to look at the problem. I was informed that only genuine Lexus sensors will sort the problem. They replaced the Kwik Fit sensor and the light stayed off for 10 miles!

I booked it in again and they replaced another sensor that was faulty but did not charge me because of the inconvenience. How about that for customer service!!

Also Kwik Fit were happy to refund my money when I explained the situation and returned their sensor.

Since then no problems 👍
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