Sold Lexus Sc430 number 37

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Lexus specialist
Well just done a deal with sc430 number 37

Going to collect it weds morning

And possibly with any luck should have sc430 number 38 by the end of week :)

Oh, and It's a facelift :grin:


Captain Chaos / Nocturnal Member
Rich ....... Just be careful dealing with this guy :smirk:
Before you know it the alterations will cost a bloody fortune just to please him , the wheels will start at a few hundred a corner and then it will be "but these are just a few quid more ....oh look these are nice and not that much more" and before you know it thousands.
Same with the exhaust bro ....."just a little louder"
So make sure he is serious or you will end up giving him the shirt off your back just to make him happy with the car.
Make sure he shackles on it first :wink:
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