Sold Lexus Sc430 number 33 for sale


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Lexus sc430 2002 model
104,000 miles with fully comprehensive service history
Just had a major service at Lexus Cheltenham costing almost £1000
New upgraded speakers
New discs and pads
Cambelt and water pump
Facelift alloys
Full stainless steel exhaust ( which sounds amazing )

Outstanding condition inside and out,a real clean mint car
Drives 100% perfect
Full leather wallet with all hand books and two keys

For the asking price free 6 mts lexusman warranty









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Can't fault that looks stunning and with excellent light interior......if you can't sell that quick Rich ..change your job :grin::wink:
We're did the car come from ....main dealer ?


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Thanks bob :thumbsup:

If it don't sell then am getting a office job :fearful:
Thought you had an office job ........ Coffee and jammie Dodgers

Lovely looking car bro, shouldn't stick around. So few red ones about its bound to get some admiringly looks out and about.


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What if you bought this one oppo and I buy mr purple for the same price, Duncan can have first refusal on Rich's next sc430, sounds like a plan !
Nice try ! But unfortunately, my next one will definitely be a keeper and as such must be a facelift model, low-mileage, preferably lower road tax band, and NOT silver ! ( sorry Rich ! )


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I think number 33 is my fav colour combo in pre face-lift with matador red being my fav in post face-lift models.


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In the flesh it must be awesome. If I was in the market I would be all over this mate.

And that's why soramad likes it........ Its a taty red conversation regardless of make and model ..... If you like convertible you have to like it


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If you wanted it I would even deliver it mate
It's not a case of wanting it's a case of using or justifying. Got two cars and not doing any miles. The wheel chair adapted beast has only ever had half a tank of diesel since I bought it and my soarer hasn't done 1000 miles in the last year :astonished:


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Yep ......... Or that one would be parked outside my house mate, no hesitations. I think it needs a county house or lakeside setting for another photo shoot


Lexus specialist
Speakers fitted today
Sound real clear and you can turn the volume to the max and they still clear
I would bet money there isn't an early model sc that needs new speakers now
Am doing everyone I get in now