Sold Lexus Sc430 number 31 back in


Captain Chaos / Nocturnal Member
I think the "Lexusman car sales" section could do with a sticky thread at the very start As current stock list, an at a glance list so to speak. I know you have the for sale, sold and on hold highlights but for sale cars can move down the list and an at a glance guide to current stock I feel would be a good thing



Captain Chaos / Nocturnal Member
Just thought it would be easier to have an at a glance list, one that only a few can edit and one that would remain at the top ...... A sort of shop window price list of cars


Captain Chaos / Nocturnal Member
I guess as its blue ...... It could be like the song

"on the BLUE Ridge mountains of Virginia, on the trail of the lonesome PINE"

Will need the cleaners in here, what do you think of the idea of a stock list as a sticky at the start of this section?


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Didn’t laurel and hardy sing that :laughing:

Yes Defo need the cleaners in mate and yes I think it’s a great idea
Can you do it mate,as I will probably wipe the lot :laughing: