Sold Lexus Sc430 facelift model (B5 TUF )


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They recon the LC-F will be 600bhp and should be here late next year or early 2019 ........ But some say that it's a myth and there won't be an 6 version


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Get yourself one of these Rich - just think you'll get fitter and as a bonus you'll still have some change left over :laughing:

Screen Shot 2017-09-11 at 4.21.53 PM.png


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Well The money from TUF is going into the TUF foundation :grin:

As for new stock,bought two already today :hugging:

Isf,still not bloody sure about them,maybe I buy another sc430 :joy:


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I still think the IS-F will be trouble when it comes to selling - all those still up for sale from so long ago, some from main dealers and they can't shift them.