Sold Lexus Sc430 facelift model (B5 TUF )


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Lexus sc430 55 plate face-lift model 6sp
Cheaper tax bracket
65,000 miles fully comprehensive service history
Superb mint condition inside and out
Never smoked in
Carpets and seats are un marked
Drives without any faults
Been my own car for over a year and been the best car I've owned
Full build and spec can be seen here

B5 tuf plate doesn't come with the car,but I will transfer CH55 LEX on to it

Price as the car is with everything on £12500
Or put back to standard and with the correct new refurbished alloys £10,000

Sold with the lexusman warranty




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Nice picks in a nice place ........ No car park lines and try and keep the camera a bit lower and horizontal in some of them .......... Ask Litchfield for some advice


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I had a ride in this car only a couple of weeks ago. It really is the nicest one you'll find. I suspect that at £12,500, Rich is just getting his money back so someone is going to get the benefit of his time for free!


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Good luck with the sale Rich. What's next?
Well am not pushing the sale,just putting it out there really

What would I get next,to be honest probably nothing

I would have to spend £30k on a RCF to better the sc,and can't justify spending that much
Plus I want a new venture in Spain :airplane::sun_with_face:

So would probably keep the vvti soarer for myself


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Hey Rich, is it Goodwood this weekend? I wish it wasn't so far. It should be fun. Road testing tuf against contemporaries. 10 years on and the rules change.


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So I got someone coming to view TUF this week

And I said it if sold I would keep my vvti soarer,but would you believe I sold that on Saturday :hushed:
So now what :thinking:

Smoke about in me van or buy a isf :thinking: