Lexus SC 430 UK Meet - 2021


Hey everyone,
I am late sharing this with you all.
Following last month's amazing event down south, here is a video I made of the event in Little Hale.
Over 30 SC430 cars attended, I hope you all enjoy this video (& seeing all the SC 430's)
Enjoy, Thomas πŸ™‚


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Everyone who was there was allowed to judge .
Only SC430 owners present could vote. There were reports of local postal votes being double counted. 🀣

We all had a sheet to fill in, well except outcast Graham of course.

There were a few minor flaws in the process but it was just a good bit of fun. If the Lexus police had been present there would have been a few disqualifications or perhaps a reshuffling of the cars in their categories.
Non original wheels or red painted calipers didn't count as a modification. Having the black mats in a beige interior was also okay and could be overlooked as could add-on audio odds and ends, stubby antenna, etc...I think the car that won best modified was more standard than some of the cars in the original line and it was expertly detailed too so could have won both. Ah but the roof was stuck so maybe as a fixed roof version that's a modification.πŸ™‚

But for its black mats, the blue and beige low mileage pre-facelift car owned by Chris was near perfect. Unclebob would have approved and demanded the beige mats be put back. There were some other well presented cars that had covered a fair distance but that one had been rolled out of hibernation and was stunning as a preserved museum specimen. To my eye, as an original, that was a clear winner if it was judged as a beauty pageant. Which I think is how most people scored it.

Best pre-facelift and best facelift and best modified were the 3 main awards but then came best engine bay, best boot and best wheels. As a judge you simply wrote down the number plate of the car you thought was the best for each category. Then there were 2 separate awards for best detailed/prepped awarded by the guest detailer (who didn't own an SC and most eye-catching or something like that, judged by Juan the founder of the group.

The most stretched tyres award would have been a walkover to TUF but half of the owners would not have understood the meaning or indeed have heard of Stancenation. Not forgetting of course that TUF doesn't have stretched tyres so could not have been entered. πŸ˜‰
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