2021 Formula 1 season.


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Wall shouldn’t have barge and squeezed into Max…. Its the walls fault… max was there first and had the line….bit like slip roads joining motorway you either yield or speed up and get SAFELY in front…. Lewis is a twat, as am i , i hate Lewis and myself😏
Think you find Lewis had the line and max went into him


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Don’t care…. Lewis is still a twat.. regardless who’s at fault, plus as my youngest is called max it’s never going to be max’s fault in my eyes lol 😂


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CAPTION COMPETITION!! Click for full image
Is it a girl …is it a boy
Nooo its a Twat who identifys as either….. big gay poof homosexual Xdressing bum bandit…not being homophobic as I’m a lesbian
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Also what’s with the daft hair…looks like dirty butt worms
just coz hes of African or what ever decent doesnt mean he needs to go full Zulu warrior
be like me painting my face and shouting Freeeeeedommmm in a fake Scottish accent with a strong hint of Aussie (thanks Mel Gibson NOT for that)


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Nicole was like winning 20 World Championships, there's not much beyond that.... other than getting your leg over by yourself 🤔
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Yes excellent race..Norris should have listened to his team as they have the weather maps in front of them, suspect Mercedes have spotters around the track, so made the right call.
Well done to Lewis 100 Grand Prix wins 👏🏻👏🏻🏁
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